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Micron Pen (3)

It is super late and I should be sleeping but I’m really proud of this little doodle! I love using micron pens to create little details and I am starting to unlock their full potential!


Micron Pen & Marker

For this drawing I created another mandala design using both a compass and a micron pen with a width of .35mm.  I then used markers with water-based ink to color in my mandala, giving it a bright and vibrant look. I wish that I had used lighter colors on the outer two layers bc the dark purple and red shades look muddled together and you can hardly see the stripes on the purple layer. I had a great time drawing this, and I will definitely continue to make mandalas in the future! With that being said, I think I will start to focus on drawing facial features now, because I am ready for that challenge! I think drawing a portrait would be incredibly difficult, so I would like to practice a bit before I give that a go!

Micron Pen (1)

I am currently sick, so this was a perfect time to try out a drawing! I wanted to created a detailed mandala design, so my mom picked me up some micron pens from Michaels craft store. For this piece, I used pens of .25mm, .35mm, and .45mm width. Micron pens are really nice because they don’t smudge and the nibs don’t fray. They are also relatively inexpensive, the package of three pens my mom picked up were about $10. I chose to use all black so that it would have a uniform look, and so the different detailed layers would really stand out. I used a compass to create the first circles, and then outlined the pencil lines in pen. I didn’t use a reference at all for this drawing. This isn’t perfect at all, and in future drawings I want to make the lines more crisp; however, I am still happy with it.