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Pastel Drawing (4)

This is a simple purple flower that is similar to a drawing a previously did. This time, I used a blending stump to even out the colors and make it smoother. When you blend pastels, and are heavy handed like me, your drawing will often have a rough texture. I really liked utilizing the blending stump because it made my drawing look a lot better. I did this drawing on a mother’s day card for my mom, and she said it looked very nice. I am proud of the progress I have made so far. It is obviously unrealistic to expect to have great artistic skills in only a few months, but I am having such a fun time learning! I hope to continue this blog, because I want to catalog my progress for years to come.


Pastel Drawing (3)

This drawing is of a flower pot. I used a tutorial from Youtube for this drawing. I really love the different vibrant colors, however once again my drawing isn’t as detailed as the one in the tutorial. I feel that I am a bit heavy handed with the pastels, which I will hopefully be able to improve upon the more I practice. Despite this I am still pretty happy with this drawing and I hope to continue with the pastels!

Pastel Drawing (2)

This is a flower drawing that I used the tutorial “Easy Oil Pastel Flower-Time Lapse” on Youtube to create. The tutorial itself served more as inspiration than instruction for this drawing because it was just a time lapse video of someone drawing a flower. Their drawing was much more detailed than mine, but I am quite happy with the way this turned out. I really love how vibrant the pastels are and I am eager to create more with them!

More Pastels!

Today I went to purchase some more pastels because the first set I bought had only 12 colors, and to do anything more complex a broader color range would be necessary. I went to the Hobby Lobby store and found this great set of 50 pastels that was one sale for 6 dollars. The price was great and they had an awesome range of colors so I decided on that. I haven’t been buying and expensive art supplies because I am just learning so I don’t feel that’s necessary. I tried them out at home and I am quite impressed with how vibrant they are. These are oil pastels, I will be working with soft pastels at a later date.

Pastel Drawing 1

Pastels were definitely something that i was excited to try and they were so fun! I doodled with them for a while and then found a simple flower tutorial with very basic blending to try for myself. The flowers were very simple but blending with the pastels was so cool. Creating with such bright and vibrant colors was great after using charcoal for a while. I hope to continue practicing with pastels and attempt more complex drawings. The pastels I used were the Artist Loft brand at Michaels. Most of the products I have been using are from this brand because they are very affordable.