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Graphite drawing (2)

Today I decided to try something a little different and create a drawing without using any sort of reference. I drew flowers again because I think they are very pretty and fun to draw. I used different graphite shades and different shading techniques to complete this drawing. I also used a blending stump to make each petal fade smoothly from light to dark. I did not blend the stem or leaves, because I thought the difference in pencil strokes looked nice. I then used graphite dust and a tissue to give the empty parts of the paper an ashy look. I am quite happy with how this piece turned out!


Graphite drawing (1)

It is currently the night before prom but I am working on a simple eye sketch that I felt was good enough for a blog post! This is my first graphite drawing and it was a lot of fun! I have always struggled to draw any sort of human features, so this eye was quite the challenge. I looked up some reference pictures to see how to shade it properly and sketch the right shape. I had to sketch many other eyes before I was able to complete this one. This was the best looking one by far and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out! I definitely want to keep experimenting with human features. I used various shades of Faber Castle graphite pencils (shown next to the drawing) to complete this piece.