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Portrait (1)

Today I finished my first attempt at a portrait. I used a photo of myself from prom as a reference. It was a difficult drawing to do, even with it being a profile. I used both colored pencils and acrylic paint to complete this drawing. This is quite a rough starting point but I hope to improve with a bit more practice!


Colored Pencil (1)

I really don’t like colored pencil. I found it be a dull and boring medium and I really wasn’t able to blend colors at all. It may just be my lack of skill in this area but I really didn’t enjoy using these pencils at all. I did not use a tutorial for this drawing, but that may have been helpful. I have obviously used colored pencils before but I wanted to try a nice drawing with this medium. This really isn’t my favorite drawing and i’m not very proud of it, so I will probably need to watch some tutorials to help improve.