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The aftermath of a charcoal piece

One of the most shocking things about charcoal is how messy it is. I didn’t expect for it to get everywhere after creating a drawing. I really find this to be fun though. I had only tried to draw with graphite before starting this project, so I didn’t think it was possible to blend a drawing so easily. Charcoal is a difficult medium but I hope to continue making a mess and learning how to properly use this medium!


Charcoal Drawing (2)

For this drawing I decided to attempt a cloud. I was slightly disheartened by this experience to say the least. The tutorial I used may have been a bit too complex, because I was unable to replicate the drawing. The highlights were especially hard to do. I would use both an eraser and white stick charcoal for the highlights. The shadows were made with compressed charcoal sticks and charcoal pencils. I think that this was definitely too advanced for a beginner like me, as my cloud looks a bit more like a plop of conditioner than something you’d see in the sky. I still had a lot of fun making this drawing. I really like how you can blend charcoal. I use blending stumps, tortillions, and cotton balls to blend my drawings. I would like to continue practicing charcoal, but i hope to also branch out to some other mediums like pastels.

Charcoal Drawing (1)

The first style I am experimenting with is the charcoal drawing. Charcoal is a popular medium that can be used to create black and white pieces. I am using an instructional video to begin this drawing. I was surprised that there are multiple varieties of charcoal, and that it comes in so many different forms. I found out after creating my first piece, that charcoal is actually a fairly challenging medium. My friend Linzy informed me that starting out using a medium like graphite would be better, as it is a much easier to use. Charcoal is very messy and goes everywhere. However,I still like using is because it is very fun to blend. I was able to use blending stumps and tortillions for the first time to make the shades come together. I used a tutorial from I hope to continue developing my charcoal skills and try a few more drawings with this medium. I would also like to start experimenting with pastels.