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Pastel Drawing (3)

This drawing is of a flower pot. I used a tutorial from Youtube for this drawing. I really love the different vibrant colors, however once again my drawing isn’t as detailed as the one in the tutorial. I feel that I am a bit heavy handed with the pastels, which I will hopefully be able to improve upon the more I practice. Despite this I am still pretty happy with this drawing and I hope to continue with the pastels!


Pastel Drawing (2)

This is a flower drawing that I used the tutorial “Easy Oil Pastel Flower-Time Lapse” on Youtube to create. The tutorial itself served more as inspiration than instruction for this drawing because it was just a time lapse video of someone drawing a flower. Their drawing was much more detailed than mine, but I am quite happy with the way this turned out. I really love how vibrant the pastels are and I am eager to create more with them!

More Pastels!

Today I went to purchase some more pastels because the first set I bought had only 12 colors, and to do anything more complex a broader color range would be necessary. I went to the Hobby Lobby store and found this great set of 50 pastels that was one sale for 6 dollars. The price was great and they had an awesome range of colors so I decided on that. I haven’t been buying and expensive art supplies because I am just learning so I don’t feel that’s necessary. I tried them out at home and I am quite impressed with how vibrant they are. These are oil pastels, I will be working with soft pastels at a later date.

Watercolor (1)

I wanted to try a painting because I like flowers and I wanted to use something other than dry mediums. Painting is something I am more familiar with so this will probably be the only painting I will be posting. I like painting though and I wanted to create something with flowers so I came up with this. I did not use a tutorial for this and I am relatively happy with it. I think that in the future I will be shifting my focus solely on pastels again, because that is my favorite medium that I have used so far.

Colored Pencil (1)

I really don’t like colored pencil. I found it be a dull and boring medium and I really wasn’t able to blend colors at all. It may just be my lack of skill in this area but I really didn’t enjoy using these pencils at all. I did not use a tutorial for this drawing, but that may have been helpful. I have obviously used colored pencils before but I wanted to try a nice drawing with this medium. This really isn’t my favorite drawing and i’m not very proud of it, so I will probably need to watch some tutorials to help improve.

Copic Marker 1

This was a very exciting medium to try. I have been very interested in trying markers,and copic really caught my attention because they are blend-able alcohol markers. This was just a tiny doodle I did to experiment with the markers because they are quite unlike anything I’ve tried before. I was very impressed by how well the markers blended. Copic has a massive range of markers and they are very expensive. I only purchased a few markers because of the price, so naturally I was limited with what I could do. I don’t know if I will seriously practice this medium because the incredibly high price point doesn’t seem feasible. These markers are often used by illustrators.

Pastel Drawing 1

Pastels were definitely something that i was excited to try and they were so fun! I doodled with them for a while and then found a simple flower tutorial with very basic blending to try for myself. The flowers were very simple but blending with the pastels was so cool. Creating with such bright and vibrant colors was great after using charcoal for a while. I hope to continue practicing with pastels and attempt more complex drawings. The pastels I used were the Artist Loft brand at Michaels. Most of the products I have been using are from this brand because they are very affordable.

The aftermath of a charcoal piece

One of the most shocking things about charcoal is how messy it is. I didn’t expect for it to get everywhere after creating a drawing. I really find this to be fun though. I had only tried to draw with graphite before starting this project, so I didn’t think it was possible to blend a drawing so easily. Charcoal is a difficult medium but I hope to continue making a mess and learning how to properly use this medium!

Charcoal Drawing (2)

For this drawing I decided to attempt a cloud. I was slightly disheartened by this experience to say the least. The tutorial I used may have been a bit too complex, because I was unable to replicate the drawing. The highlights were especially hard to do. I would use both an eraser and white stick charcoal for the highlights. The shadows were made with compressed charcoal sticks and charcoal pencils. I think that this was definitely too advanced for a beginner like me, as my cloud looks a bit more like a plop of conditioner than something you’d see in the sky. I still had a lot of fun making this drawing. I really like how you can blend charcoal. I use blending stumps, tortillions, and cotton balls to blend my drawings. I would like to continue practicing charcoal, but i hope to also branch out to some other mediums like pastels.

Charcoal Drawing (1)

The first style I am experimenting with is the charcoal drawing. Charcoal is a popular medium that can be used to create black and white pieces. I am using an instructional video to begin this drawing. I was surprised that there are multiple varieties of charcoal, and that it comes in so many different forms. I found out after creating my first piece, that charcoal is actually a fairly challenging medium. My friend Linzy informed me that starting out using a medium like graphite would be better, as it is a much easier to use. Charcoal is very messy and goes everywhere. However,I still like using is because it is very fun to blend. I was able to use blending stumps and tortillions for the first time to make the shades come together. I used a tutorial from I hope to continue developing my charcoal skills and try a few more drawings with this medium. I would also like to start experimenting with pastels.