Monthly Archives: March 2017

Next Step

This past weekend I went to Michael’s art store to purchase some supplies for my endeavor. I purchased a simple sketchbook, pencils, micron pens, and markers. I hope to experiment with different mediums. I have also started to research different instructional YouTube channels to give me the guidance I need to develop proper art skills. In addition, I plan to ask my friend Linzy for help because she is a very talented artist. I hope that she will be able to critique my work and help me improve. I have no artistic ability, at best I can draw a mediocre flower. I hope to develop my skills, with a focus on creating natural landscapes. I find nature very beautiful and I would like to capture that in a drawing. I am excited about my project right now. I am not feeling overly stressed because I am doing something that I enjoy.
Note: I will be including photos of my artistic attempts on this blog from this point forward. I am just currently having problems uploading them right now.


Project Update

I apologize for the inactivity on my blog. I have been trying to figure out how to change my project. Unfortunately I don’t think that a meal packing event will be feasible because it would cost around $10000 to put on. I am not personally comfortable asking others for such a large sum of money. I do not want my project to be entirely dependent on massive financial donations. For this reason I have decided to go in a different direction. I would like to learn how to draw. I believe that this will be a fun and worthwhile endeavor. If I am able to create something passable, I could have it for sale, around a five dollar price point, on an online independent retailer like Etsy. I think that this would be a good plan because it would allow me to learn a new skill while simultaneously raising money that could go to a charity of some kind.I could promote the sale of my artwork through social media. I will be purchasing art supplies and enlisting the help of both my friends, along with online instructional videos to help me achieve this goal. Again, I apologize for the inactivity, as I needed time to rework my project.

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