Monthly Archives: January 2017

A Decision Has Been Made

I have finally decided to pursue drawing for my 20% project. After looking into the organization that facilitates the meal packing events, I realized that I wouldn’t have to do a lot to host such an event. I really want to work hard for my 20% project. I don’t just want to make a few phone calls. Although learning how to draw won’t really help other people, it will be interesting to acquire a lifelong skill. I am planning on contacting an art teacher in the high school to see how I can start learning the basics of drawing. I also have a few friends that are very talented artists so I will discuss my idea with them. I am a little concerned about this project because I’m not sure that I have any artistic talent. I felt very confident about putting on a meal packing event, but I am not at all confident in my artistic ability. I am excited for this project because I could fail, but I know that it will be very fun and worthwhile. If I end up producing something somewhat decent, I could always try to sell a print on Esty and donate the profits to charity. This could allow me to positively impact my community while still learning something new. I’ve always admired artists, so I am excited to really begin my 20% journey.


Weighing Pros and Cons

It has been almost a week since my last blog post. I am having some difficulties deciding between two deeply contrasting ideas. I like the meal packing idea because it would give me an opportunity to help others. I know that it would be so rewarding to help people in a war-torn area. When I have participated in these events though my church, I left feeling so happy and accomplished. It feels good to know that you are making difference in the world. However, there are some problems with this idea. I am concerned that it would be difficult to generate interest in this kind of event. I wouldn’t want to simply recreate the events put on by our local interfaith organization; furthermore, I would want to involve local students and youth groups as opposed to religious congregations. This could be difficult because many young people don’t give much thought to the struggling peoples in the Middle East. Also it would be quite costly to obtain the supplies for this project, and I wouldn’t have congregations of working adults to donate like the interfaith organization did. I also worry that I wouldn’t accomplish enough through this project. I wouldn’t really be learning a new skill. In the contrary, if I was to pursue drawing, I would be learning an entirely new and challenging skill. I could find a fun hobby that I could practice for the rest of my life. The main issue I have with this idea is that it does nothing to help others. Compared to the meal packing idea, learning how to draw seems like such a selfish and insignificant pursuit. Hopefully I will make a decision over the next few days.

20% Project Ideas

Although I have yet to decide what the subject of my 20% project will be, I have many ideas. Initially my friend and I wanted to start a band, which we later discovered would be practically impossible. We would need to involve strangers if we were to create a band, something that has the potential to be dangerous and problematic. I am glad that we realized the impracticality of the band idea early on so that I could come up with more realistic and personal ideas. One thought I had was to organize meal packing events for Syrian refugees. I have participated in a couple of these events, illustrated in the above photo. The events I have attended were put together by our local Children of Abraham interfaith organization. I feel that with the current state of or world, an event like this has the potential to give necessary aid to some of the people who need it most. Another idea that I had was to learn how to draw. I have always had an appreciation for the arts, but my drawing skills are fairly awful. I think that this would be an interesting personal project where I could learn a lifelong skill. Hopefully I will be able to decide on the subject of my project within the next few days.